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Since 2012, Initier, LC has been providing design, development, and consultative services across the United States.

Initier, LC

Since 2012, we have helped clients get the most out of the software systems they use to run their businesses. We work with native applications, web apps, mobile apps, and any other bit of software a computer can run.

We can develop integration training programs for any system. From any of the modern website content management systems like Wordpress, Hubspot, Squarespace to internal business/practice management systems like Clio, Office 365 (Calendar, Outlook, Workflows and more), and G Suite (Gmail, Docs, Calendar). We also develop integration programs for native Windows and Mac applications.

Each of our training programs can be adapted to any learning style. We know that people have different learning styles, and we tailor our programs to meet those learning styles. The result is faster integration and greater knowledge retention. Making training programs easier to digest also has the effect of increasing teammember buyin and decreasing resistance to the integration.

Classroom-style learning is great, but it's not always enough. To deal with individual aptitudes and learning styles, we rely heavily on individualized training delivered via live one-on-one tutoring as well as hands-on screensharing. Teammembers get the opportunity to learn via a crawl, walk, run progression.

For some integration rollouts, live, in-person training provides the best results. We can provide a mix of group and individual sessions. Validated learning assures that each team member fully understands each and every skill and procedure required to fully integrate the system.

Initier, LC

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